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Foundation Imaging, a leading computer animation/special effects company based in Valencia, California, was founded in 1992 by Ron Thornton and Paul Bryant to create computer visual effects, miniatures and motion control for the entertainment industry.

In Spring 1998, Foundation Imaging tripled its existing production facilities to a newer 20,000 square foot site in Valencia, which features a full Ascension motion tracking stage, a 60'/22-channel motion control stage and a permanent 70' bluescreen stage.

Recently, the company created effects for three major theme park attractions, including "Star Trek: The Experience" for the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel/Las Vegas; "Journey to Atlantis" for Sea World/Florida; and "Return to Atlantis" for the Warner Bros. theme park in Sydney, Australia. Foundation Imaging also produced the visual effects for the Saban Entertainment television series, "Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog." For another recent project, the company was hired by the Space Frontier Foundation of Washington, D.C., to complete production of a short video program on the viability of a new series of "Space Planes."

Foundation Imaging continues to create visual effects for "Star Trek: Voyager," and has had a hand inseveral episodes of "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," including the finale. Also of note: the NBC comedy special "," the feature film, "Jackal," and the Warner Bros. Home Video release, "Batman & Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero."

The company is currently producing 25 episodes of fully computer generated animation for Columbia Tristar's "Starship Troopers: Bug Wars", airing in the fall of 1999 on Bohbot Kids Network. The show, stripped for syndication, will feature action on eight different alien worlds. Foundation is also currently in post-production on the pilot for "The Universe & Harry Morgann", the first action-comedy from their production arm, Revenge Productions, Inc.

In addition, the company also provided effects shots for client Sony ImageWorks for the TriStar Pictures release "Contact," starring Jodie Foster. These shots involved one of the film's climactic scenes which took place in the Mission Control Center.

Foundation has also created new digital EFX footage for a new incarnation of  Saban Entertainment's "Beetleborgs" TV program, entitled "Beetleborgs Metallix." This work included Foundation's updating the existing EFX library of the series to include new shots which were used in conjunction with Japanese stock footage.

Thornton and Bryant perceive the effects business as a "blending of art and technology," with Thornton as animator/model maker/motion control specialist and Bryant handling the computer and technology aspects required to create the ground-breaking visual effects for which the company is highly regarded. The duo has formed a visual FX animation business which they believe is unique -- an innovative and pioneering organization specializing in high-end film and television visual effects which can be produced within extremely rigid budgets.

"Resourcefulness" has always been the key word at Foundation Imaging, with the company's principals making the most of every available second of computer time and opportunity. This unique approach to its projects places Foundation Imaging at the forefront of the visual effects industry.

In 1993, the principals of Foundation Imaging received an Emmy Award for "Outstanding Achievement in Special Visual Effects," for their very first effort, the visual effects for the pilot of the sci-fi television series, "Babylon 5." After that project came a string of others: Paramount Television's "Viper," for which they won an "International Monitor" Award, an English program entitled "Dan Dare," and then additional work on the "Babylon 5" series, after it had been successfully launched into first-run syndication.

In 1993, Foundation Imaging decided to branch out into the development and creation of its own television programs. The idea was to do live action shows in combination with Computer Generated Images (CGI). In 1994, Thornton and Foundation Imaging created a new children's program called "Hypernauts." The show, which ran for several months on ABC, was designed to break technological barriers, while remaining an exciting live-action/CGI adventure which would follow three teenagers on their futuristic journeys throughout outer space. -- payday loans no credit check.

Thornton and Bryant continue to create, design and produce intriguing -- and unduplicated -- digital special effects for network and syndicated television projects, feature films, multimedia projects and theme parks around the world.