A loan from a friend can be a pitfall

In the midst of temporary financial worries, it may seem like a good idea to take a swing at a friend. There is no need to look for the best lender or fill out a loan application. However, in a swipe taken from a friend, there may be a pitfall.

Attitudes towards money vary

Money always evokes unique feelings. Some people are clinging to their own, and not even to their neighbors. Some are more open-minded, open-minded about ripping purse strings when a friend needs it.

However, there may be times when the lever changes hands, but the concept of money is quite different. The amount spent may be significant for one, only a small pocket money for another.

The trickiest part is that it is difficult to find out each person’s true attitude to money before shuffling down. You can’t be sure how much of your leverage was in the buddy’s opinion.

At Good Finance, we treat all our customers in the same, professional and friendly way. We don’t look at how big the lever is or ask what the lever will be. We just linger – but of course responsibly.

E-Money can change your attitude towards you

Finns are known for their “what others think now” reports, which are mostly completely useless. However, in monetary matters, it is worth thinking about how the leverage will change the way others view you.

A lever taken from a friend reveals your financial situation to others. There may not be anything wrong with this, but you will never know how your friends will see you in the future.

Leverage from an official lender such as Good Finance does not reveal to anyone else your financial situation. Vice versa. Your data will remain strictly encrypted and will never be accessed by anyone.

Late payment destroys relationships

The worst thing about leveraging a buddy is if you run into a payment problem and can’t repay the leverage as agreed. Of course, you can try to negotiate with a friend, just like you can with Good Finance.

However, negotiating with a friend has a tedious tone and slipping from an agreed schedule causes a rupture in confidence. For us, negotiations are commonplace, so you shouldn’t be scared. However, it is worth remembering that our leverage is also based on trust.

However, the leverage we get will never be between friends, so you can be anxious.