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Credit List


The Universe & Harry Morgann, Pilot

Titanic Official Movie Tour, Fox Studios Australia

Starship Troopers: Bug Wars, Upcoming TV Series (Bohbot Kids Network)

Museum of the Cherokee Indian, North Carolina

Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog, Fox Series

You Wish, ABC

Sea World of Florida's Journey to Atlantis

Deep Space Nine, Syndicated

Star Trek: The Experience, Las Vegas Hilton Attraction

Beetleborgs: Metallix

Contact, Feature Film

The Jackal, Feature Film, Comedy Special, NBC

Batman: Subzero, The Animated Movie

Santa with Muscles, Feature Film

Star Trek Voyager, UPN

Hypernauts, ABC

Viper, Pilot

Journey to Mars, ABC

Atlantis, Discovery Channel

Babylon 5, The Series, Syndicated

Skeleton Warriors, CBS

Action Zone Bumpers, CBS

Babylon 5, Pilot Episode, Syndicated