Increase loan.

Even if your current personal loan or revolving credit has not been established via Good Financee, you can increase the credit of these loans with our help. The story is on

Increase credit with personal loan

The duration and interest of a personal loan are fixed. If you want to redeem early, you will pay a fine on this. Amounts already repaid cannot be withdrawn. When you want to increase a personal loan, penalty interest is also often charged. However, that is a maximum of 1%.

If you would like to increase your personal loan, you might consider taking out your loan. The higher the amount to be borrowed, the lower the interest is often, so that the penalty interest is quickly earned back. You can of course also take out a new loan.

Credit limit increase your revolving credit

Increasing the amount of your revolving credit is no problem. In this case, penalty interest will never be charged, due to the fact that with a revolving credit it is always possible to repay in whole or in part early, without having to pay a penalty.

You can also take back repaid amounts during the term of the loan. So refilling your revolving credit to increase the amount of the loan is a good option.

More information without obligation

Contact a credit advisor directly for more information about the possibilities for increasing your credit and for an answer to all your questions. We will gladly remove all uncertainties from you during a no-obligation introductory meeting. Here we present all the options, the conditions, interest rates, risks and premiums.

This way you can make a conscious choice about whether your credit limit increases to suit your needs and capacity. A credit advisor is your independent advisor.